Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Mr. H and I have been working super hard these last few weeks and I am so happy that the nursery is finally finished (well we still need curtains but close enough).

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maternity Pictures!

We got our maternity pictures back today and I love them! I have posted a few below. I can't wait to take Chase to get newborn pictures done when he arrives!

Monday, May 28, 2012

33 week 3 days

I didn't mean to take such a long break from blogging.  We have been super busy getting the nursery together and getting our house ready for Baby H. I am waiting for one more thing I ordered and the nursery will be ready and then I will post pictures!

We found out that my cervical stitch will be removed on June 15th.  I am trying to get the doctor to agree to a slightly earlier date. I am very tired and uncomfortable and anxious to meet the baby!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

28 Weeks and Putting Stuff Together

Since my last post work has been super busy.  I am trying to get everything in order before my maternity leave starts.

Mr. H. and I (well I have been supervising) have been cleaning out the room that will be the nursery.   We also put together the play yard.  We will use the bassinet part in our room until the baby is ready to move into the nursery.

The cat wanted to help.

So far so good.

Getting a little confusing ...
Got it now!

IT DOESN'T FIT .. until you collapse it.

I told Mr. H. that he will now be putting together stuff for Baby H. forever now. He seems to be okay with that.

We are very excited that we have reached 28 weeks, that means Baby H. has a 90% chance of survival if he were to be born.   My hands and feet are starting to swell now though so I am trying to eat less salt and put them up at night after work.

My baby shower is next weekend and I will be happy to finish getting everything together!  We also have the first of our baby classes next week, which is super exciting!

25 and 26 weeks (pictures)

At my last growth ultrasound (03.27) Baby H. was measuring 2 weeks ahead in length and weight.   He was just over 2 lbs.  I am feeling more confident every week and we have started to work on getting everything together for his arrival.

25 weeks

26 weeks (the sweater is very forgiving to the big baby).

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still Pregnant @ 25 +2

Viability!! I am still very much pregnant! I am very excited that I am well on my way to 26 weeks, my next goal is 28 weeks and then 34 weeks. 

Mr. H and I are officially getting ready to bring this baby home.  The nursery is being cleaned out, house projects are being finished it is pretty exciting! A baby shower has been planned, we are registered and small baby items have been bought here and there!

We found these at Babies R Us and couldn't resist buying them.

My belly is getting SUPER huge.  This is 23 weeks and 6 days!

 24 WEEKS!!

The baby is measuring ahead of schedule each time we have an ultrasound so we are kind of planning on the fact that he will arrive early, we are hoping to make it to Memorial Day, when I will be 34 weeks.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

22 + 6

I have officially kept my water intact for the longest amount of time ever.  When I was pregnant with Charlie my water broke at 22 weeks.  I am 22 weeks and 6 days today with a water bag intact. That means five more days until I am further along than I ever have made it.  I am so scared/nervous.  I am hoping to bring this baby home.  Everyday is a day closer to making that happen.